About Us

Perlich Bros. Auction Market Ltd. has been serving the southern Alberta area since 1967. We are a family owned auction company, offering a unique bundle of services backed by more than 4 decades of honesty and integrity in the agricultural market.

We are known for our innovative auction methods, attention to detail and our total commitment to our customers. The confidence this gives to both our buyers and sellers has enabled Perlich to become one of the largest and most diversified auction companies in western Canada. Customer satisfaction is our greatest asset.

We believe that when you protect your investment, you will receive bigger returns. So consider this when marketing your cattle:

  • We have facilities to feed and water 4000 head
  • We can hold up to 2000 head under cover in clean straw bedded pens
  • We broadcast, free of charge, cattle auctions held at our facility so that buyers from anywhere in the world can attend your sale.

Perlich Bros. conducts all types of auction sales:

  • Special Calf & Yearling Auctions
  • Herd Disperal Auctions
  • Breeder Bull & Bred Cattle Auctions 
  • Presort Calf Auctions
  • Horse Auctions
  • Farm & Ranch Auctions
  • Equipment & Machinery Consignment Auctions
  • Land Auctions
  • Antique & Collectibles Auction

Regular cattle sales are held every Thursday with slaughter cattle at 10:00
am followed by feeder cattle at 11:30 am

Remember... Perlich Bros. Auction Market is in the hub of Canada's feeding industry, Our location enables us to offer your livestock to some of the largest feedlots in Canada.

Other non-auction services available at our facility:

  • Hog Exports
  • Perlich Real Estate
  • Hi-Hog Farm & Ranch Equipent Dealership
  • Masterfeed Retail Dealership
  • Kitchen Hub Restaurant (open sale days)
  • CCWG Farm Supply Outlet (open sale days)

Come in to see us ... You'll be Glad You Did!