Stock Cow & Bred Heifer Sale

Saturday Dec 2, All Welcome

110 Impressive Angus Hfrs Consisting of:
50 Solid Red Angus Hfrs
Bred to Red Angus Bulls
60 Blk angus Hfrs
Bred to Blk Angus Bulls
Bulls in Apr 7th. Out Aug 1st

100 Fancy Solid Red Angus Hfrs
Bred to Easy Calving, Low Birth Wt Red Angus Bulls
Bull in July 1st

WINBERG FARMS – Complete Dispersal
77 Rock Solid Angus X Cows Consisting of:
70 Red & RBF Cows
7 Tan Cows
Cows vary in age: 15 2nd calvers, 12 3rd calvers, 12 4th calvers, 5 mature cows
Bred to Red Angus Bulls
Bulls in May 5th

DEREK WIEST – Complete Dispersal
40 Good Quality Bred Cows (3-8yrs old) Consisting of:
25 Red Angus X Simm Cows
15 Blk Angus Cows
Bred to Simm Hybrid Bulls. Bulls in May 10th. Out Aug 1st

DIANE GEREMIA – Complete Dispersal
30 Excellent Red & RBF Cows (3 2nd calvers, 27 5th calvers)
Bred to Charolais Bulls
Expected to calve Feb/Mar

75 Angus X Cows (3 to 6 yrs old)
50 Red & RBF
25 Blk & BBF Cows
Bred to Angus Bulls
Bulls in June 25th. Out Aug 25th

48 Blk Angus Cows (2nd, 3rd calvers, few mature cows)
Bred to Angus Bulls or Simm Bulls
Bulls in Apr 1st