Cattle Check-Off Distribution

Where does your $4.50/head go?

Posted on October 16, 2018

Since April of 2018, auction markets, dealers and packers have been collecting $4.50/head on every animal that they handle.  This is your money, it’s time for you to vote on how it is used.  You can vote to decide if the provincial portion of the check-off should continue to be refundable, or not.

Voting will occur between October 19 and November 13, 2018 at one of the 27 ABP fall meetings being held around the province.  You can also vote by mail, or in person at the 46 AFSC offices in Alberta.

You should be receiving a package in the mail from Marketing Council regarding this vote.

If enough support is garnered to prompt non-refundability, ABP intends to share funds with the Alberta Cattle Feeders Association.  Under the proposed funding structure, ABP will retain $1.35 per head of the $2 check-off, which is approximately the amount we currently retain after refunds are issued. The ABP allocation includes 53 cents per head to support the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association and a rebate paid to check-off remitters, currently 5 cents per head. ABP and ACFA agreed that 40 cents per head, close to $1.4 million per year, would be contributed to the ABIDF. Twenty-five cents per head, around $850,000 per year, will be allocated to ACFA to cover operational costs and their commitment to the National Cattle Feeders’ Association. Producers who do not want 25 cents per head to go to ACFA may apply to have this money allocated to the ABIDF.