Stock Cow & Bred Heifer Sale

Tuesday Oct 29, All Welcome

TRACY & CHRISTY ROBERTSON - Complete Dispersal
130 Outstanding Angus Cows Consisting of:
80% Blk Angus Cows, 3yrs to 8yrs old
20% RBF Angus X Simm Cows, 3yrs to 8yrs old
Bred to Blk & Red Simmental or Blk Angus Bulls
Bulls in May 15th. Out Aug 1st

LEHR FAMILY – Complete Dispersal
139 Impressive Blk and Red Angus X Cows, 3 to 6 yrs. old
Bred to Eldorado Blk Angus Bulls
Bulls in June 21st
Also selling 6 Blk Angus Bulls

82 Excellent Angus & Angus X Hfrs Consisting of:
48 Solid Red Hfrs
34 Rnk Simm X Hfrs
Bred to Easy Calving Low birth wt Blk Angus Bulls
Bulls in Jul 5th. Out Aug 19th
Full Herd Health Program in Spring, Ivomec in Fall

34 Fantastic Blk & Red Angus Cows
Bred to U2 Red Angus Bulls
Bulls in June 7th

180 Red Angus X Simm Cows Consisting of:
20 Solid Red 2nd calvers
9 Solid Red  3rd calvers 
41 Solid Red 4th calvers 
116 Solid Red  5th to 7th calvers
Plus some RWF Cows
Bred to Charolais or Red Angus Bulls.
Bulls in June 25th. Out Aug 26th
Full Herd Health Program; Pfizer Gold

20 BWF & BBF Cows, 2nd - 5th Calvers
Bred to Blk Angus or Shorthorn Bulls.
Bulls in July 15th. Out Sept 30


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