Stock Cow & Bred Heifer Sale

Saturday Nov 23, All Welcome

Saturday Nov 23
1:00pm - 5:00pm
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500 Reputation Solid Blk Angus Cows consisting of:
75 3rd calvers
125 4th calvers
150 5th to 6th calvers
150 6th to 7th calvers
Bred to Blk Angus Bulls.
Bulls in June 8th. Out Aug 20th
Full Herd Health Program; Express FP5 in Spring and Ivomec in the Fall
This will be one of the top sets of cows to sell anywhere in Canada this fall. Be sure to attend!

100 Exceptional Blk Angus Hfrs, NVB – No Brands
Bred to Low birth wt Blk Angus Bulls for a 42-day breeding program.
Bulls in June 5th Out Jul 17th

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