Thursday Mar 26, All Welcome

Thursday Mar 26
10:00am - 5:00pm

*** ATTENTION BUYERS - We welcome you to the sales and are here to assist you with your livestock purchases.

We are subject to capacity limitations in our building, and we know that some people are not comfortable in attending sales. So we have other options in place for you to participate in our sale.

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Perry Farms
140 Blk Strs & Hfrs 600lbs to 700lbs 

Sheldon Virostek
25 Blk Home Raised Hfrs 500lbs to 700lbs

120 Blk, BBF (few RWF's) Home Raised Strs & Hfrs

120 Red ANgus X Strs 650lb to 750lbs
Full Herd Health Program

Video Portion - View Catalog Tab Above
Tomahawk Ranch 315 Home Raised, 1 iron Strs Consisting of:
95 MIX STRS Base Wt: 675# 
110 MIX STRS Base Wt: 570#
110 MIX STRS Base Wt: 570# 
These cattle are EU Certified.
Full Herd Health Program
Feed Ration See Catalog Above

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