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Tuesday Nov 24, All Welcome

50 Showy Red Hfrs, mostly solid Red
Bred to low birth wt (70lb) CD Land & Cattle Red Angus Bulls 
Bulls in April 1st Out June 8th
Full herd Health Program

BAR P LAZY A RANCH (Martin Peterson)
25 Top End, Home Raised Red Angus Hfrs (1 iron)
Bred to Easy Calving Rodgers Red Angus Bulls
Bulls in June 10th. Out Aug 15th 

248 Fancy Angus & Simm X Bred Hfrs Consisting of:
Breeding Info:
36 Red Angus X Simm Hfrs - Early Calvers – Bred to Angus Bulls, 80lb BW or less. Bulls in Mar 29th. Out May 27th 
200 Red Angus X Simm Hfrs - Bred to Red Angus Bulls, 80lb BW or less
Red Bulls In May 15th. Out Jul 30th
12 Blk Angus X Simm Hfrs -Bred to Blk Angus Bulls 80lb BW or less
Blk Bulls in June 1st. Out Jul 15th

Full Herd Health Program; Pyramid SP5, Once PMH, and Fermicon 7 Somnugen, Ivomec
Notes: All Hfrs were palpatedprior to breeding.
Letter from Vet all deemed to be in calf

130 Prominent Simm X Red Angus Cows
Bred to Red Max Simm and Fleckvieh bulls
Bulls in May 1st. Out July 12th.
Full Herd Health Program - No shots this fall

295 Robust Angus & Angus X Hfrs Consisting of
180 BBF Hfrs
115 Solid Blk Hfrs 
Bred to Blk Angus 
Bulls in June 3rd. Bulls out July 12th
Heifers were palpated and received Bovi FP5 VL5

8 Nice Red Angus X Simm Cows Consisting of:
1 Red Cow, 5th Calver
7 Red Cows, 6th Calvers
Bred to Red Simm Bull
Due to Calve Jan/Feb


10 Angus Cows
Bred to Hereford Bulls.
Bulls in May 28th Out Aug 1st
Full Herd Health Program; Bovi FP5 & Scour Bos 9

10 Strong Blk Angus Cows Consisting of:
5 Blk Cows, 2nd to 5th calvers
5 Blk cows 6th to 8th calvers
Bred to Blk Angus Bulls
Bulls in June 27th. Out Aug 16th



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