HICKEN RANCH - Complete Dispersal DAY 2

Saturday Dec 5, All Welcome

Saturday Dec 5
1:00pm - 5:00pm
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HICKEN RANCH - Complete Dispersal DAY 2
Saturday December 5th at 1:00pm
900 Bred Females Consisting of:

800 Premier Blk Angus Cows Consisting of:
275 3rd calvers
340 4th calvers
185 5th to 6th calvers
Bred to Charolais Bulls
Bulls in July 1st. Out Sept 14th

100 Vivacious Red Angus Hfrs
Bred low birth wt Charolais Hfr Bulls
Bulls in June 13th. Out Jul 30th  

HERD HEALTH PROGRAM: Females have been on the Pfizer Gold Program.
Cows received Ivomec at preg. testing this Fall, but haven’t received any vaccines this Fall. 

*****Click on the link to view the video playlist https://events.playlistviewer.com/events/50_120420_HR_DS/#auction-info

Also Selling!  71 Charolais Bulls on offer:
12 Wht Bulls -  Letter D, 2016
26 Wht Bulls – Letter E, 2017
18 Wht Bulls – Letter F, 2018 

15 Wht Bulls – Letter G 2019