Market Reports

Weekly Summary from July 15, 2018 to July 21, 2018

CategoryMinMaxSales To
900 - 1000 | Heifers160.000.00169.25
Slaughter Cows/Bulls
CategoryMinMaxSales To
Bigger run of slaughter cows & bulls this week. Good top end cows sold. $3.00 to $5.00 higher. Too few feeders to quote a market.
Next sale is Thursday July 26th at 10:00am selling all classes of cattle..... See you at the Sale!
D1 - D2 Cows90.0095.00100.00
D3 - D4 Cows85.0090.0095.00
Grain Fed Cows5.00105.00105.50
Holstein Cows70.0080.0093.25
Feeder Cows90.00100.000.00
Bulls +1900105.00120.00127.00
Bulls -1900115.00130.00141.00
CategoryMinMaxSales To
1100 - 1200120.00130.750.00